Bears by Two Hearts

Designed and handmade by Trish Hansford

How I began making teddy bears.



This little guy started it all!  Several years ago, I purchased a kit and as the saying goes, that was history.  In December of 2006 the bug really bit! 


I am a teacher, so my spare time is very limited.  That December found me with some of that spare time to play with all that mohair I had accumulated.  I stitched a few more kits and then set out to design my very own special bear.


I wanted a way for collectors to be able to identify my bears that would set me apart from all other bear artists.   Since my other love is cross stitch, I came up with a way to incorporate my logo; the two hearts.  Depending on the fabric of the paw pad, I will either cross stitch my two hearts or you will find a double heart charm; either silver or brass, somewhere on the bear. 


My bears are made with the finest mohair or faux fur. They are five way jointed and stuffed with either pellets, copper coated steel shot, glass beads, two different types of polyfil fiber, and always lots of love. 

I use German glass colored eyes, mostly black, but depending on the color of mohair I use on a bear, I may have chosen to handpaint the eyes to match the fur.   My noses are embroidered using many different types of threads; silk, velvet, cotton, yarn, etc...  Some of my noses are needle felted with the finest wool.  


Each bear is identified with my logo; either two hearts cross stitched on a linen foot pad or a two heart brass or silver charm, found somewhere on the bear and my tush tag.